What You Risk - Trailer

What You Risk

A contemporary piece about women as active participants in history fighting to make their voices heard. 

Set in London in 1936 and 1980, ‘What You Risk’ explores the threat of the Far Right as it rises across Europe and the plight of refugees and immigrants, desperate to find safety and shelter on our shores. We follow four women, mapping out the foundations of their lives, where their beliefs came from and follow their experience as they clash with their families and childhood friends, find and lose lovers and discover how far they will go for what they believe. 

Written and Directed by Charlotte Ive

Assistant Director - Brigitte Adela 

Producer - Lauren C Bevan

Cast - Holly Barbour, Amy Beckett, Anna Chessher and Laura Smithers

Musician - Chiara Raicovi

'What You Risk' will be staged at The Bunker Theatre on 13th May and Tara Arts on 23rd May.  Click the links below to  book tickets.